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Though the weather looks a bit dodgy this weekend, our list of family fun will leave you with sunny hearts: Friday: Venice Island Live Outdoors  Friday night, the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation presents Venice Island Live Outdoors with family fun featuring movie nights, live music, food trucks and activities for kids and adults. This gorgeous new performing and recreation center […]

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furosemide for dogs buy

    This weekend’s offerings provide two trips down memory lane, something for animal lovers, jazz enthusiasts, and community revitalizers. Friday: Friday Night Jazz  Surrounded by works of art and the music of George Gershwin? It doesn’t get much better than that. Pianist Dave Posmontier and vocalist Paula Johns will be tickling the ivories and belting out favorites like “Summertime.” […]

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Philly Family Weekend Five

Each week, we highlight five ideas for families to do in and around the city.  This week, we celebrate the fact that summer is here! Ok, not “official” summer, but definitely lots-of-fun-things-to-do-in-warm-weather, so it feels like summer. Here’s a rundown of our five family-friendly weekend picks:   Friday through Monday: The Lion King  I will admit to not being much […]

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where to buy lasix furosemide

Finding camp opportunities for your soon-to-be-sprung student doesn’t have to break the bank. There are several free or low-cost programs throughout the city designed to open doors and allow kids to build new skills while they meet kids from all around the city.   Rowing Camp Run by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, this is a wonderful learn-to-row camp for city […]

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furosemide tablets 20mg to buy

The Elementary School Diversity Day was planned and coordinated by the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative. The GPDC is a collection of small, independent pre-K through eighth grade schools who self-organized in 2009 to raise awareness about diversity and social justice issues. Students arrived at The Miquon School in Conshocken under blue and sun-drenched sky last Saturday. There were six other […]

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