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  by Baiyina Brown   It’s that time of year again.. time for parents to start thinking about schools for their soon-to-be kindergartners, high schoolers, and in-betweeners who need a change.  Philly is brimming with schools, but therein lies a challenge… how do parents navigate the Philly school landscape?   Our recommendation is that you begin with your local catchment […]

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The Elementary School Diversity Day was planned and coordinated by the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative. The GPDC is a collection of small, independent pre-K through eighth grade schools who self-organized in 2009 to raise awareness about diversity and social justice issues. Students arrived at The Miquon School in Conshocken under blue and sun-drenched sky last Saturday. There were six other […]

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You may have heard the buzz around the growing “opt out” movement in Philadelphia and throughout the nation. In just one city school, Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences, parents of over 100 students have opted their children out of the state standardized tests this spring. This movement is not by accident. It has been carefully orchestrated by activist educators […]

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Parents at the Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences in Philadelphia have taken a stand against high-stakes standardized testing. Using their legal right to opt out, one in five parents at Feltonville are now refusing the spring administration of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessments (PSSAs) for their children. The parents and students at Feltonville are part of a growing […]

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