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By Lori Tharps A few weeks ago, I took my four-year-old daughter to ballet class. When we got there, it was clear one of the students — let’s call her Becky — did not feel like doing ballet that day. Becky spent the first 15 minutes of class doing everything but dancing. The teacher’s response was to simply ignore her. […]

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Maybe you’ve seen the summer meme going around on Social Media. It goes like this. Want a bikini body? The process is simple: Step One: Have a body. Step Two: Wear a bikini. Right? Hooray for body acceptance!   Yet, as is the case with many feminized objects, it’s not quite that simple. The notion of women craving the elusive […]

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Given the horrific massacre in Charleston and the subsequent church burnings, my first and most visceral thoughts are for the individuals and families targeted in those acts of terrorism. My heart, mind, and body are weary with grief, but I realize how shallow that sentiment sounds. Wrapped up in that grief, comes trauma from the unending list of racial violence […]

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While kids are counting down the days until school is out, many parents are secretly dreading the final bell. You might love the thought of not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get the kids off to school while at the same time anticipating being on the losing side of an endless game of “keep away” […]

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As we drove along Kelly Drive the other day, one of my twins in the back seat, the conversation turned to skeletons, as is not uncommon these days. I don’t know what it is about bones, but my boys are fascinated by them. Milo wanted to know if all skulls look the same. “Well buddy, they’re all a little different, […]

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The Philly Children’s March was organized through social media last December to create a local, family-friendly response to the tragic events and lack of justice in Ferguson, Cleveland, New York, and around the country. The original march was held in Mt. Airy on January 3, 2015. It was a child-friendly action in response to Ferguson, aimed at affirming the belief that […]

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Mindfulness with Autistic Teens

Local author and psychologist Carol Moog has worked with autistic children for decades. Moog advocates using a strength-based approach when supporting teens on the spectrum. She recently published a book entitled “The Autism Playbook for Teens,” co-written by Irene McHenry. In celebration for Autism Awareness Month (reframed as Autism Acceptance month by autistic self-advocates), I sat down with Carol for […]

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6 Banned Books my Children Loved

It’s banned books week, and one of the things that most amuses me when I peruse the lists of banned texts is how many of the blacklisted titles we’ve read with our children… and loved. Here’s a sampling of just how rebellious we are:   Farenheit 451 Why it was banned: Profanity, bible burning, and anti-government sentiment My high schooler […]

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