weekender: so much to celebrate!

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Friday through Sunday: Last Call for Lion King 

This is the last weekend that this spectacular Broadway production will be in town. My seven year old and I saw it early in the run, and it was fantastic. She’s been staging Lion King scenes and dressing up as one character or another ever since. Get thee to the theatre… you won’t be disappointed! Matinee and evening shows.


Saturday: Organ Day at the Kimmel 

You’ve seen the billboard, now the day has arrived! Start the day with the story of The Little Engine that Could, Find out what it’s like to tickle the keys on the largest mechanical action concert hall organ. Starting at 11am, kids can enjoy hands-on demonstrations, and listen to organists play everything from opera to jazz.


Saturday: Artspiration! 

Celebrate art and community at the Fleisher Art Memorial’s campus and Palumbo Park, Kids and families can enjoy art-making, music and dance with artists of all ages. ARTspiration! mission is “to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means, background or artistic experience.” So join in this year’s celebration from from 10am-3pm!


Sunday: Odunde Festival 

Now in it’s 40th year, this festival is reported to be one of the oldest African-American festivals in the country. Head down to the twelve block festival along South Street, where you’ll find everything from African and Caribbean foods to Soul Food, an African Marketplace with over 100 vendors, and two stages with dancers and presumers, Come celebrate New Year’s Yoruba style, right here in the heart of Philadelphia. 10am-8pm


Sunday: Sensory-Friendly Franklin Institute 

As wonderful as it is, the Franklin Institute can also be crowded, loud, and over-stimulating for children who are sensitive to too much sensory input. Sensory Sundays to the rescue! Kids and their grown-ups can arrive at 8am for a discounted rate, a slower, less busy atmosphere, and trained staff to support children with autism and other sensory-related issues. 8-9:30am is Sensory Friendly time, but participants are welcome to stall all day.


  • Het is geen probleem om de termen te hanteren in verband met Nederlands Indie. We duiden immers nog steeds de Franse prentseatton die naar de Lage Landen vluchtten als Hugenoten. Maar het is merkwaardig om een afstammeling van die groep een Hugenoot te noemen.

  • These results are so interesting. My answers seem to have lined up with the majority on most of the questions… I was surprised to see that more people are interested in winning books than critiques, though that’s totally me. Thanks for sharing your results!

  • I have to co-sign on that…this site is more interesting because of Judah…now trust me as a black woman sometimes he makes me so mad I could scream but I appreciate a knowledgeable black man always, because we are so programmed to think there are none. I know that to be a lie because I am married to one!!!! I don’t always agree but he definitely gives food for thought! Now don’t get the big head Judah…lol

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