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Friday through Sunday: Last Call for Lion King  This is the last weekend that this spectacular Broadway production will be in town. My seven year old and I saw it early in the run, and it was fantastic. She’s been staging Lion King scenes and dressing up as one character or another ever since. Get thee to the theatre… you […]

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As we drove along Kelly Drive the other day, one of my twins in the back seat, the conversation turned to skeletons, as is not uncommon these days. I don’t know what it is about bones, but my boys are fascinated by them. Milo wanted to know if all skulls look the same. “Well buddy, they’re all a little different, […]

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Though the weather looks a bit dodgy this weekend, our list of family fun will leave you with sunny hearts: Friday: Venice Island Live Outdoors  Friday night, the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation presents Venice Island Live Outdoors with family fun featuring movie nights, live music, food trucks and activities for kids and adults. This gorgeous new performing and recreation center […]

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